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gde admissions online applications

GDE Admissions Complete Guide

Gauteng Department of Education Admissions

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) is the department authorized to offer basic compulsory education to all students progressively in the Gauteng province, not only to learners with special needs but early childhood education.

It is therefore imperative on the department to make sure that all learners have access to quality education and proper and standard assessment.

How to Apply for the GDE Admissions/ GDE Online Applications

Before you start the application, please bear in mind the following as they are very useful for the successful completion of the application. It will also help you what you need in terms of requisite documents and other useful information.

you must also take noe that this is an online base applications, so must have access to a PC or Laptop having steady internet connections. If you have problem applying the GDE application online, you can visit any ICT or internet Cafe for assistance.

The under-listed stages are what to follow before you can sign up your child or ward onto it.

Let me assure you that stages her are not difficult to follow and anyone with basic computer knowledge can do it with ease. Now, are you ready……..?

  1. Entries of the details of the parent or the legal guardian
  2. Entries of the details of the learner
  3. Choosing and applying to a school.

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Please Note: You will need strong internet reception and connection to avoid situations where the network is stacked and the system is not responding issues. This will help take away the unnecessary frustrations parents usually find themselves in during the registration process.

Now, let’s consider each of the stages talked about above one after the other. As stated, we will need the details of the parent or legal guardian, the details of the learner himself/herself and lastly, the school to apply to.


  • Please visit the official GDE website at and you will be greeted with the message: “Welcome to Admissions Online Applications 2020” page. Prospective parents are advised to read carefully and thoroughly all the information after which they click on “Apply for 2020” to have access to the Terms and Conditions.  After reading through the Terms and Conditions, click on Continue to proceed with the applications. After that just click on Apply for 2020.
  • If the applicant ( in this case the parent) is doing this for the first time, Click on Apply 2020 tab and proceed to provide the details of the parent. All users are to create new credentials.
  •  A pop-up form will appear titled “Enter Parent Information” and parent is to complete all the compulsory fields ( those marked with asterisks or star). The Address area is made up of the Municipal, City or Town, Suburb or township, Street Name and Street Number if applicable. As a matter of all seriousness, the cell phone number must be provided and it should be a functional number since it is the only way the department can use to communicate with the parents regarding the applications. The emails and landline fields are optional, so you can decide to skit if not applicable in your case.
  •   You are to provide a valid ID number which will be validated or certified by the Department of Home Affairs. The system will populate the ID number into the Home Affairs online database search for the name and other personal details associated with the ID number. It should, therefore, be a pre-requisite item that must be handy to have the ID of both the parent and the child during the application.
  • The parent is required to create a username and a password that will enable him/her to log into the platform as a  user. You must note that the password must meet the following conditions, other than that, the system will not allow you to continue the registration.
    • Eight (8) characters long
    • Must contain at least one Capital letter
    • Numbers
    • Special characters like @, $, &,%
    • Example of a good and secure password is: Mam@2020 or East$432
  • At this point, the parent will receive an SMS alert which contains the username and the password entered or created. Remember to keep this account login details safely for future reference. It will later help you to track the progress of the application.

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  • After completing the first stage, the system will automatically proceed to the second stage. Here is where the parent will have to provide the details of his/ her child personal information.
  • You are to enter the child’s information ( Noe that, without the child’s information the application cannot be completed)
  • After the completion of the learner’s information, click on the tab labelled: Submit Leaner Details
  • The second stage will change into colour green indicating that the stage and it will, therefore, move to the last stage (i.e. Apply To School)


The following options are available for parents to choose from: Home, Work, Sibling and Previous school (note that previous schools are only for Grade 8 applicant)

  • Home or Work Address Option: In this case, the system will populate the information and suggest to you the school closer to your home or work address provided.
  • Sibling Option: The parent has this option if the child has a sibling who is currently in the said school and at Grade 1 – 6 and / or Grade 8-11. Remember in this option, the sibling’s information will be required to ascertain the facts of the claim.
  • Previous School Option: This option is only for Grade 8 Applicant.

The following options can be used after the first application has been used.

  • School of Choice Option: Applying to one’s school of preference. If the application does not meet the minimum requirement, the application will be on the Waiting List B reference number.
  • Application to a School with Specialised Focus (SOS or special needs schools).
  • Application to a school having a boarding facility.

gde admissions online applications


As discussed above, the parent has to fill all the necessary and required fields.

  • Pick A learner
  • Select the grade applying for (eg. 2020). Note that a parent only the chance to apply for Grade 1 or Grade 8.
  • Choose one of the following options suitable for you.
    • Address (Home or Work)
    • Sibling
    • Previous School ( For only Grade 8 Applicants)
  • Address (Home or Work): In this option, the system will search for available schools that are closer, in the best margin, to the home or the workplace of the parent. The parent, must, however, note that the home or workplace can be edited before submission, otherwise, the system will not allow for a change of address after submission.
  • When the parent decides to opt for the Sibling option, the information of the sibling must be provided.
  • A parent who decides to choose the Previous school option, the current grade 7 school where the learner is school has to be provided.

After successful completion of the required data entries, the parent just clicks on “Apply” for the submission of the application.

Please read thoroughly through all the information entered to make sure every detail provided are correct and valid.

A notification will be received which contains the Waiting List reference number, which is a confirmation that the application is submitted.

Parents have the opportunity to “Apply Again”. In this regard, the parent can apply again for the same learner in a different school or Apply a new one for a new learner.


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There are basically three (3) types of waiting list Reference Number

  • WA – This means the learner qualifies to be admitted to the school applied for using the admission criteria set out.
  • WB – Thus means the learner/applicant does not qualify to be admitted to the school applied for using the admission criteria set out. In this case, the learner has to apply to a school that will provide WA.
  • WAB – This Waiting List reference indicates that the system cannot locate or identify the address of home or workplace provided. In such an instance, the school will have to manually calculate the distance from the address to the school such that the child or the learner is not disadvantaged.

Now you have seen how easy to apply for GDE Admissions

For what challenges or confusions you can leave a comment down below and we will respond an give you the necessary attention deserved.



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