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NWU Application Status

NWU Application Status – 2020

If you have applied for admission at the North-West University (NWU) and would want check your application Status or even if you are a guardian or a parent of a friend who wants to check the progress of a student admission application, please follow the these simple steps to see the status of your applications for the 2020 academic year.

The steps below are easy and anyone can check for you.

The things that you will need.

  • You should have already applied for undergraduate programme as a first year student.
  • Student Number that was issued to you upon application for the first time
  • Your PIN code ( If you have forgotten the code, you can request for it or create a new one
  • Remember this is base on your Matric Results submitted.


nmu application status

  1. Visit this site here  . The link will direct you to the student section of the NWU corporate site
  2. A window like what is appeared in the picture above will appear asking for the Student Number and the PIN
  3. Enter the Student Number and the PIN and click on the Login Button.
  4. After clicking on the Login button, wait till the site id redirected to the status page.
  5. Any of the following reasons may prevent you from accessing your account.
    • Wrong Student Number
    • Incorrect PIN
  6. If you have forgotten or misplaced your PIN, you can click on Forgotten Your PIN or Create PIN to have your PIN reset for you after following the simple on-screen commands.
  7. But if the account details are correct, a dashboard will appear telling you the condition of your application. The following are the two main messages you are likely to receive if your application is accepted.
    • Conditionally Accepted: What this usually means is that you still have an outstanding exam to write or selection test has to be taken, depending on the course of  programme applied for.
    • Unconditionally Accepted: This basically refers to the fact that, the applicant has in his/her possession the NSC certificate and has met all the application minimum requirements.

If you are still facing any challenge accessing the site, you can leave a comment here down by the using the form provided below.

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