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sassa card renewal

Acquisition And Renewal of SASSA Card 2020

Acquisition And Renewal of SASSA Card 2020

The south African Social Security Agency( SASSA) operates under the department of Social Development (DSD) to fairly distributes social grants to certain group of people in the country. As part of its effort to regularize the payment process, it has partnered with VISA company and other financial institutions to issue a VISA debit card that can be used to withdraw and even pay for items at the supermarket or shops.

In view of this, all applicants or beneficiaries are provided with SASSA on which money from the grant paid by government is load.

How To Acquire A New SASSA Card

Getting SASSA card is not anything difficult, what is more important is to able to convince the officers with valid and active documents to prove that you qualify for that grant. Remember, failure to prove one’s eligibility will put such ones in trouble. Below are the steps you need to take before you can acquire a SASSA card.

  1. Visit any SASSA Office nearest to you
  2. Get a form from the office and complete the forms in the presence of the of the officer
  3. A receipt will be given once the application is complete. Mind you that the receipt will be the only proof that you  have signed up to the SASSA system.
  4. Provide any document that will be required such as Birth Certificate, South African ID and other relevant Documents.
  5. After approval of the grant , SASSA will issue a electronic debit card which can be used in an ATM machine or used to pay at some selected shops.


How To Renew Your SASSA Card

Just as any debit card either from this international merchants such as VISA, MasterCard etc has an expired date so the SASSA card. When you look at the face of the card, you will see the expiry date of the card. Using an expired card will not allow you to access your social grant thus not being able to buy items or use it at ATM’s for withdrawal. Recently SASSA bemoaned how  so much social grant beneficiaries have not renewed their cards resulting in failure for such ones to receive their money.  So closely monitor your card when it is about three (3) months to expire you request for a new SASSA card. It is advised not wait till your card expires completely before requesting for a renewal of SASSA Card.

To renew your SASSA card, just visit any SASSA Office or Post Office to make a card swap. It is a process that will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

What Documents Do I Need For Renewal SASSA Card:

The documents needed to renew your SASSA card depends on the type of social grant you are enjoying. But one thing that is certain is to have your old SASSA card at hand. It is a form of verification that, you are real owner of the card just to avoid scams and fraud. You will also need you ID documents as also a proof that you are the real owner of the card.

Therefore below are the  documents needed to renew SASSA Card

  • The Old SASSA Card
  • National ID Documents

Where To Get New SASSA Card

Getting a new SASSA card is not anything difficult. If you are new on SASSA, the office will issue you a new card for use. However, if you have misplaced or stolen or expired, you can go any SASSA Office near you or Post Office for replacement. Below is the place where to get new SASSA card

  • SASSA Offices or preferably those nearer to you
  • Post Offices

How to Check Balance on New SASSA Card

As said earlier, in October 2018, SASSA announced a change of SASSA card from the old white to Gold. IT was said that every beneficiary will have to renew or more clearly to come for a new card as the old one has expired.  To check your sassa card Balance follow these steps:

  • You can check your balance at SASSA pay-points at no charge by the vendor
  • You can also check at the participating store
  • Or at ATM machines, charges may occur
  • At participating stores at no cost
  • At non-participating cost, that will attract some transaction fees.

Loans for SASSA Card Holders

Most SASSA beneficiaries are wondering if they can use their card as collateral or security to secure loan at the bank. It must be noted that, sassa card cannot be used as a security to secure loan from any financial institutions. The card is a debit card just as any ordinary ATM card

SASSA lost card contact numbers

If you have misplaced or lost your sassa card, then you can go to any SASSA office or post office for a card replacement. Remember, that will attract a standard charges that will be deducted from your account upon receiving.  If you SASSA card is faulty or is not working properly, you can visit any sassa office for a new, but take along the faulty one and this will be done at no cost. You can any of the branch offices of SASSA for replacement here.

If you have any further question or any feedback, please use the form below to leave a comment.


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