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CAO Online Applications 2020

CAO Online Applications 2020

The Central Applications Office is playing a vital role in the future of students and application process including the universities, technology universities, private and public Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in Kwazulu-Natal

Online Applications for CAO

The online applications is the preferred way of applying according to CAO since it is modern and fastest way of the application process. And as son as the application process is completed, the destination school will be have the application immediately. To apply online follow these simple steps below:

  • Visit the site and click on Apply button.
  • Read the information/instruction over there and click on Continue With Application
  • In the page you have the chance to enter your Student ID or passport Number (For Non- South Africans) and click on Submit.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Continue With Applications
  • Do enter all the details that are being requested, after the entries, click on Next.
  • After that click on Continue with online applications
  • A dialogue box will pop up containing your CAO Number, Password and EasyPay Number. Read all the instruction. A copy of this same information will be sent into the e-mail address provided during the registration. Remember, this information may be needed later if you want to access your account.
  • Application not yet completed. Click on Continue with Online Application. Read all the instructions carefully and provide all the requested information and click on Next.
  • Provide the “Next of Kin” details and click on Next.
  • Enter the school name in the “Search Box”  and click on Search. The name of the school will appear and select and you have to provide the  starting and the completed year you attended the school.
  • After that click on Next. When you reach on Process My Application, just click on it.
  • You will then receive on-screen message indicating that your application is successful.
  • Now that the application is successful, you can go ahead and make payment online or use the EasyPay to make the Application Fee.

CAO Application Form

Though the online application is much preferred, you can still apply using a hard copy print out application form which is available at your school principal or LO officer. You can as well request the CAO application form from the CAO Offices or call the telephone : 086 086 0226 or send email for the request of the form to : If all these avenues failed, you can visit the CAO Office at the address below:

Gate 11, Mary Thiphe
Street, Glenwood,

to collect or deliver the application form.

The applicant must note that, manual application processing takes at least two (2) weeks after receiving the application form and the application fees. As to how long it will take the Post Office services to deliver the application to the school, CAO has no control over it.

How to Complete the Application form

Filling the application form might b very tedious work but i think it worth it looking at the possible benefits if approved. In this section you will come to know all the various sections of the forms and what to attach to the forms before submission.

The A section requires your personal  information

  • A1 – Applicant Personal Information: Here you are provide your  personal information, including your
    ID/passport number, which is essential.
  • A2 – Applicant Contact Details. This will be the communication channel for any correspondence from CAO. Make sure you provide accurate email address and cell phone number.
  • A3 & A4 – Posting Address. This is where all postal corresponding will directed to. Moreover, if there is no email provided, the post address will be used to send any further correspondence.
  • A5 – Alternative Contact Details: This one email and cell phone number will serve as a backup in case the ,main contact details fail to receive or does not deliver.
  • B – NEXT of KIN Information: This is the applicant provide the next of Kin, thus anybody who qualify to stand in case the applicant is no more. You can provide the details of your legal parents and guardians. This information will also be used as a urgent contact when the applicant is in emergency condition.
  • C- About Yourself. The applicant is to provide the previous surname if there has been legal change of name. But it is not applicable to you, just leave that part blank.
  • D – Citizenship Status: You are to indicate if you are a South African or an international applicant. Of international applicant, then you provide all the necessary requirements.
  • E – Declaration and Consent Form: The Declaration and Consent form has to be completed and attached to the application fr submission.
  • F – Financial Aid: If you are applying fir any financial aid such as NSFAS, just indicate and choose how you would want nsfas contact you either email or Tel
  • G –  Requires more personal information for instance, Gender, Population Group, Language spoken, Current job/school status.
  • H – Disability Status: You indicate if you have any form of disability.It helps institution to know what kind assistance that can provide.
  • I  – Parent or Guardian Information: You are to provide all the details of your parent or your guardian including their Full Names, Cell Phone number or Email and ID Number
  • J – High School Attended. The institution requires your educational history.
  • K – School Subjects: Even though the applicant will submit all the certificates and subjects, you are indicate all the subjects to did at the High School
  • L – Programme Choices : This is where you need to indicate the programme you are applying for or those you wish to study at the institution. Specify the codes of each course  which is contained in the CAO handbook page 20-26
  • M – Studies After Completing Grade 12: Here you are to provide all academic record if you have studied in any tertiary institution previously or currently offering a course.
  • N – Checklist. This is one of the most important section to be keen about. It will you to know what documents or reference materials that you have to attach to the application forms before submission. Failure to submit the required documents will render your application unsuccessful or will be rejected.
    • Payment fees receipt
    • Certified copy of Grade 11 exams results. Or submit Grade 12 mid year and trial results if currently in Grade 12
    • Certified copy of identity documents (South African Citizens) or Passport documents (international applicant only)
    • Certified copy of Grade 12 final exams results if already issued.
    • Certified copy of upgrade/rewrite exams result if any.
    • Certified copy of school examination results (for those not Grade 12 and wants to apply TVET)
    • Certified copy of academic transcript and certificate of good conduct.
    • Copy of NSC Admission letter/timetable
    • Certified copy of Study or Residence Permit (for Non-South Africans)
  • The Declaration and consent form. This  must be completed and submitted together with the application form.

You can download a copy of the CAO Handbook 2020 in pdf here

Always try to read all the instructions carefully and anything you don’t understand ask somebody who knows it.

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