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NSFAS Password Reset

How To Reset NSFAS password

NSFAS password reset becomes necessary when you have forgotten or misplaced your password that helps you to login into your nsfas wallet. Without the password, you cannot have access to your dashboard to know the progress of the application.

In this tutorial carefully curated, it will serve as a guide so that you can gain control and access to your nsfas account and wallet. You may have even forgotten your username also. Follow these steps to have your nsfas account login details reset.

The first thing that must be at hand is your National used in registering and applying for the nsfas.

  • Visit the site at mynsfas
  • Click on the forgot password tab
  • You will be requested to enter your National ID number. ( It must the same as the one used in registering)
  • And click on the Submit button.
  • Tick any one of the options provided below
    •  I can’t remember my username ( If you have only forgotten your username)
    • I can’t remember my password   (If you have only forgotten your password)
    • I can’t remember my username and password  ( If you have lost both password and username).
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • You will then receive a one time pin (OTP) SMS and Email.
  • Click on the close button
  • Check your email mailbox or the SMS inbox for the OTP message. The message contains crucial information that will help reset nsfas account.
  • Enter the OTP number received into the field provided and click on Submit.
  • Here you have the option to resend the OTP again if the earlier one was not received. To do that you just click on the Resend OTP button.
  • You will then receive a special link via SMS and Email.
  • Click on the link received to reset your account details and follow the process.
  • You now have the option to create a new username and/or password and confirm your password
  • Click on Submit
  • You will receive a message on the screen indicating successful reset of your nsfas password and username.

Hope nsfas password reset was easy, but always remember to keep your account details in a safe place.

Video Tutorial – NSFAS Password    Reset

In this video, nsfas official explains with real live video how to successfully reset nsfas account details.

If you facing any difficulties resetting nsfas password or the account you contact nsfas here for support.


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