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sassa child support grant south Africa

SASSA Child Support Grant South Africa

SASSA Child Support Grant South Africa

South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) is the agency under the department of social development of South Africa mandated to mange and distribute the social grant to all those that qualify. The key among the categories of beneficiaries is the child support grant.

Child Support Grant Requirements

  • The primary caregiver (the immediate person taking of the child) must be a citizen of South Africa, or permanent resident or a refuugee.
  • Both the applicant and the child must stay or live in South Africa
  • The one applying must be the primary or immediate giver of the child or the children.
  • The child or the children must be born after  31st December 1993. In view of this, that grant will cover only children  from 1st January, 1994.
  • Both the applicant and the spouse must meet the requirements of the means test. Looking at the financial standing of the applicant and the spouse will help SASSA to see if the child qualify for the grant or not.
  • The applicant cannot apply for more than six (6) non biological children.
  • The child or the children can’t be taken care for in state institution.
  • The applicant or the parent or caretaker must not earn more than R48000 yearly or R4000 monthly for single parents. However, if you are couple or married, the combined annual earnings should not be more than R96,000 or R8000 monthly earnings.

How much is the SASSA Child Support Grant

The amount or the rate can change anytime usually depending on the economic situation of the country. Currently, the amount is pegged at R420 on monthly bases.

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Grant Application Form and Process

In order to apply for the grant,

  • you can collect an application firm form any nearest SASSA office and fill it in the presence of the registration officers.
  • After completion of the form, the officer will give you a receipt which will serve as a proof of registration or application.
  • Note that the application is free, therefore do not pay a dime to anyone for the grant application.

Documents Needed for Child Support Application in South Africa.

  • A bar coded South African National ID Documents
  • The birth certificate of the child including the child’s ID
  • A copy of any of the following that will be a proof of income
    • Salary Slip or Payslip
    • three (3) months bank statement
    • A pension slips
  • If unemployed, submit unemployment insurance fund card or a discharge certificate from your previous employer.
  • If the applicant is not the real parent/guardian of the child, then the applicant must have a written note as a form of permission granted the caregiver to take care pf the child.
  • Other relevant documents or information that will proof that the applicant is the primary child care giver.
  • The applicant can choose by which means to receive the grant when approved either at SASSA Office or Post Offices, or electronically thus either Bank or the SASSA card.
  • Whenever the application is denied, you can appeal, however if the application is approved, the money will hit the account in three months.

Any of the the following circumstances will lead to revocation or cancellation of the grant

  • the death of the child
  • Month ending where the child turns 18. Remember the grant is only available to children under eighteen years (18 yrs).
  • If the caregiver fails to claim the grant for three (3) continuous time
  • If the child is outside the country
  • If the child is admitted into state institution.
  • The applicant must from time to time inform the department of any changes the child is going through or if child’ s circumstances have changed.

The SASSA card will be issued out to you after your application is approved.


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