Android Apps Every Senior High Student Will Need

With the advent of high technology and its application in the teaching and learning environment, the use of technology cannot be underestimated. It is very obvious that technology has come to stay, better to use it or be left out.

Now learning is not only about just having the knowledge or just retrieving information from memory but rather understanding of concept and how things work.

It is only through this one can apply what he has acquired knowledge of to solve contemporary problems facing mankind today.

One such technology that has taken over the globe is the emergence smartphone. Now more and more people are owning a smartphone of a sort.

It is against this background that I publish this article to identify and explain how the following mobile applications can help enhance the learning process and give the learner better understanding.

Readers are however to note that, the applications under consideration are only available on the Android platform. If the application has a website platform as well, it will be known.

But someone may ask, Senior High School (SHS) students are not allowed to use Mobile phones in school, how are we going to make use of the apps?

Admittedly, the Ministry of Education in the previous government placed a ban on the use of mobile phone by students on campus.

I, on my part do not agree entirely with that motion knowing very well the benefits or the importance of technology, in this case, the mobile phone as far as learning is concerned.

But the ban had to be implemented due the fact that students were abusing the mobile device usage.

But recently I have heard the Honorable minister of Communication, issuing a statement that, as part of the Free SHS program, government intend to procure phone tablets for SHS Students.

To me that was a move in the right direction.

So even if as it is , the student is allowed to use the phone on campus, students can still have access to their smartphones when they vacate or when in the house.


1. WOLO App


It is an e-learning platform for African Students.
The WOLO app is designed with Senior High School level in mind. It offers courses on all Core Subjects, Science, Business and General Arts.

Though this application is paid one, it offers everything that senior high school students will need. Each module cost ghc20.00 thus approximately US$3.6. Examples of the modules include, Core Maths SHS1, Core Maths SHS2, etc.

They have professional tutors offering video lectures on all the official WAEC syllabus which is being used at the senior school level.

Its main aim is to help prepare students and potential candidates for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) exams. With this app, you have the opportunity to learn anything anytime anywhere.

Fortunately, Multimedia Group, the owners of Joy News, Joy FM etc in partnership with WOLO Africa, SES, have launched Joy Learning channel which offers all the videos tutorials at absolutely no cost. This is a great opportunity high school students can take advantage of, more especially those who are on vacations.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Another powerful English dictionary which is among the best dictionaries in the world. I have personally used this electronic version before. If you have used their hard copy version then you will really appreciate this format.

It can be used offline or without internet connection. You will only need internet connection if you want illustrations, Voice search or voice pronunciations. And it is also free.
It has about 10million plus downloads.

It comes with some fun, it has a quiz. With the voice search, the user has the ability to use the built-in voice search to look up to word without having to spell.

3.Math Formulas

This app has all the formulas high school students will need as far as mathematics is concerned. It has solved questions attached showing how those formulas are applied.

4. Mathematics

This app from DaboApps is an all-in- one calculator with various functions that any college or high school student will need. The app is a free one but shows ads when connected to the internet.

It has the ability to plot the graph of a given function.
Statistics, matrices, and modulo operations are all available.


This app also talks about Geography for high school. General Arts students who are offering Geography will find this app very useful. You can use the link below to download it from the Google play store.

6. Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha is a mobile version of Wolfram which combines artificial intelligence with modern skills to offer step by step solutions and quick answers to users.

Imagine you want to find the derivative of a given function, you can input the expression into the search bar. The system will look for the correct answer for you and sometimes given you the step by step procedure.

It has a various categories especially those in mathematics, Science and Engineering. The web version has a free version and paid (pro) version. But the mobile app is fully a paid one which is about $3

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Do you have any Android application that you think can offer some offer to the SHS student in a any course of study, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment box below.

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