Education Base Websites Every High School Student Should Visit

The internet is the backbone for all the websites available online. It makes it possible to connect two or more computers or devices so that information can easily be assessed and shared.

There are millions of websites on the internet which are offering a vast categories of information and data, some of which are for educational purposes. Below we are discussing a number of website that may be useful for all Senior high school students in Africa and the rest of the world.


This mathematics base website has been my source of inspiration as far as teaching and learning is concerned. Their way of presentation and easily follow approach of solving questions make mathematics more practical and enjoyable.

The language too is to the lowest level making it easily understandable. It covers almost every concept from the basic school to High school.

It does not only cover mathematics but also Physics into details. The Physics aspect is a recent addition, which they have been updating and adding new topics from time to time.

With the use of illustrations and other diagrams, it has made learning math more simpler.

You can use the search bar at the site to search for whatever concept you want. It has enough examples and exercises which the user can try.
It is a very resourceful website which I have visited several times and usually recommend it students.

Khan Academy


It is a nonprofit online educational platform which was started in 2008 by Salman Khan with sole aim of creating online learning tools for students.

Its content are created by experts around the world as voluntary contributors. Their services are free.
They have a whole range of topics across all academic disciplines and concepts. You have the chance to register and select the topics and follow them at the user’s own pace.

It has the following categories namely: Mathematics, Computing, Arts and Humanities, Science and Engineering, Maths by Grades, Economics and Finance, Colleges, Careers etc.

The maths by grades section have various topics grouped base on the grade the user is interested in. It offers services to a student, teacher or a parent.

It is one of the leading educational platform which has become a resource hub for academicians. I therefore encourage teachers, parents and more importantly learners of every grade sign up onto the platform.

It is not only about academics but offers college graduates career opportunities available as far as their respective programs of study are concerned.

It is a great guide that can help you choose a course of study that matches your aspirations, interest and potentials.

What I like about this college and career section is the fact that, they have compiled everything about college education from admission, qualifications, fees and other financial assistance opportunities.

They have a video subsection where qualified admission officials offer insight into what goes into college education in the partner countries.

Personal Finance and entrepreneurship are also delved into giving the user the broad and detailed explanations on how to manage their finances and entrepreneurship.

In a way not solely rely on others to employ them but rather create their own business and manage it efficiently.

On a more serious note, if you are a science, engineering or mathematics student or teacher, is a major reference which every student should try and visit.
Their mobile apps come in handy.

Khan academy is also available on the Apple Store and Android Play Store which can be downloaded from the buttons below.

  1. iOS
  2. Android


During my research of compiling this article together, I came across this platform and I was overwhelmed. What a great resource. It comes with four (4) major categories namely Maths, Social Studies, Science and Photography.

Mathematics have the following subsections: 1st to 8th Grade Maths according to the American curriculum, Algebra 1 & 2, PreCalculus, Geometry.
Science also has Kindergarten, 1st to 5th Grade Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Social Studies have Economics, Geography, Government, History, World History, Philosophy and Sociology.

The photography has digital imaging 1&2 and digital photography.

With its interactive and integrated flexbook platform, the user has the ability to practice real life questions beautifully designed with charts and diagrams making the whole experience memorable.

Remember all these come at absolutely no cost, they believe that education must be free and personalized as every single person is unique and process thoughts differently.

The platform boasts of having served 100 Millions users, 519 millions questions answered and 15 millions of hours.



is the sister project of – a leading online encyclopedia which form part of wikimedia project, a non- profit organisation. Wikiversity main aim is to put together major educational resources including: Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Medicine, Science, Technology and Social Sciences.

It claims to have over 26,000 resources.
Its interface looks similar to the Wikipedia’s platform. They have contributors from around the world with varying qualifications.


If English is your second language as it is true of almost all people in Africa, then this website is worth your time. The website is designed to help the user build a very good vocabulary that will help enhance the grasp the understanding of the English language.

Its key aim is to help learners master and words by making use of adaptive learning technology. It is more like a game and as you are mastering certain words, the system keeps adding more.

Every student at any stage can make good use of this platform. Most students have difficulties in understanding concepts across all subjects and are mostly due to the fact that they don’t mastery over the English language.

As it is true in more schools, English language is the official language and as such the language most subjects are being taught.

Go ahead and register and take that bold step to learn the language and your success is just a stone throw away. Remember this platform is more than just a mere dictionary, it has combined adaptive learning strategies and the science of learning.

Teacher tube

teachertube_school2_edu_websitesJust as the name suggests it is just like Google’s YouTube, which hosts only educational materials especially those in the classroom. The videos are arranged according to Subject categories including Math, Science, History, Social Studies, Language Arts and Educational Songs. Users have the ability to upload videos on to the platform.

You can use the search bar to look for any concept related video you want. Videos are best way to teach, because its retention rate is much higher than just reading.

Users can freely join the platform and enjoy all that it offers. The platform is good for teachers and learners as well as parents who would want to help their kids with their home work but have little or knowledge about the topic.

So nest time you are taught a lesson and you feel you need an extra explanation please just visit the and watch the necessary videos to better understand those concepts.

I conclude by saying, these sites are not the only ones offering the best of content, they may be others. If you have a recommendations of other websites that worth looking at it, please try comment them under this post in the comment box.

In our next article, we will look at YouTube channels that have content good for senior high school level. YouTube has grown to be the biggest video sharing website and second biggest search engine.

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