Importance of Technology in the classroom, my own experience

There is a saying that, when you see all humans turning into animals, you simply also have to follow suits. It might sound crazy, but what this saying tries to insinuate is that society keeps changing and one have to always adapt to the current, otherwise you would be left out.

Technology is no exception especially in its application in the teaching and learning environment. Technology has changed the way thoughts are communicated and how concepts are disseminated.

As more and more research are done on education across various levels and how best technology can be used to enhance classroom teaching, it is evidently clear that, technology can positively boost understanding.

Nowadays, technology is being applied in the classroom and both teachers and the students are appreciating it.

Technology has been able to make complex scenarios or concepts more easy to explain.

When we talk about tech in classroom, it is referred to as all tech innovations that are employed in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.

Not only things that can be done on the computer or the internet but also drawings, charts, audiovisuals etc are all playing a role.

As a mathematics teacher, I usually employ some of these tech to make the teaching more enjoyable.

The use of mobile devices or their applications can prepare these students in their future careers. It prepares them well looking at the current trends where technology is taking over most jobs at a faster rate.

With the internet and mobile devices readily available, interactions between the teacher and the learners and among the learners are enhanced.

When used students come to know the ethics or the limitations surrounding its usage as far as the laws of one’s country permit. Student will learn if it is appropriate or lawful to circulate any content no matter how sensitive it may be.


Technology in classroom helps increase engagement and more interaction. Most learners today start playing with electronic devices right from infancy, it is therefore prudent to use these gadgets in class.

Certain concepts are difficult to come about with Teaching and learning materials (TLMs), science practicals can be more lively with the use of 3D technology or motion pictures and simulation.

Simulation can help students to see how the heart pumps blood into the other parts of the body through the veins. When student watch such videos or simulation through virtual reality (VR), they begin to appreciate.

Audiovisuals helps in the retention of facts or processes. It is no wonder that a student can narrate a whole concept or complex phenomenal after watching a video or virtual reality on it. Just as the say goes “one picture worth more than 1000 words”

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As a teacher I am sometimes surprised with a question which I don’t have any idea of or little idea about, quickly I pick up my smartphone and “Google” it.

With advancement of search engine technology, one can easily perform some basic queries without being redirected to the main website hosting the information.

Student can likewise use the internet to make quick search or even watch video tutorials to enhance their understanding.


Technology has helped complement the teaching process rather than replacing the teacher as some have argued. Just that the teacher has become more like the facilitator and encourages the student.

In the teaching and learning environment, feedback is a major determining factor in assessing the performance of the learning process. With the use of tech, a teacher can easily receive feedback from students using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger etc almost instantly or even e-mail platform.

What’s more? Vast opportunities are right there for students or learners. The internet has brought humanity closer with the classroom not an exception. This has presented many platforms where students can learn from their peers around the globe.

Now a learner can decide not to have a physical human teacher since the student can can have access to virtually everything online. From coding, cloud computing, artificial intelligence.

Recently it was revealed that most companies are no more looking at certificates of potential job applicants but the skills they have acquired.

With this in view, everyone can sit behind a computer with internet access and register and get training to acquire the necessary skills especially digital skills.

It is clear from the above discussion that technology has limitless applications in the classroom and teachers must be a drive in this direction.

If you are teacher or parent or student please use the comment box below and let’s chat and continue the discussions.

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