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How to fill z83 form

How To Fill Z83 Form – The Complete Step By Step Guide

How To Fill Z83 Form – Complete Guide

As part of the process of being recruited or employed  into the public service of the Republic of South Africa, there is the need for the applicants to fill the employment form popularly called the z83 forms.  Here, you will have first hand information as to how to fill Z83 form which is available here for free download.  

It must however be noted that, this application form is to be filled only when there is an advert for vacancy published publicly since you need to attach the advert reference number. Before you will proceed with the filling of the form, please note the following things:

  • The form must be filled completely without leaving any blank space.
  • All information provided must be accurate. There should not be any false or pretentious information.
  • The information provided must be legible. If you have very bad hand writing, you can ask someone who has a nice handwriting to fill the fill the form in your presence.
  • Remember, failure to abide by the above can make your application not to be considered.
  • As said earlier, this form is only for those who are applying for public service work advertised.
  • The personal details that will be provided must match or correspond with the details in the National Database (thus your ID)
  • Non-South Africans will required to provide their Passport Number.
  • If you have any higher qualification or experience will be required to attach their Curriculum Vitae (CV).

z83 forms pdf


The Z83 form is a two page with seven (7) different sections labelled A – G.


  1. SECTION A – This section is about the Advertised Post. The first three subsections will be taken from the vacancy advertisement. Has for four subsections as below:
    • Position for which you are applying as advertised. Remember there might be multiple position declared as vacant in the advert. Choose exactly one of them
    • Department where the position is advertised.
    • Reference number as stated in the advert.
    • In case you are offered the position, when do you start work, or how much notice must you serve with current employer (for those who are currently employed). The conventional idea is two (2) weeks as you will need a two week to request for exit from your current job if applicable. But what if you current job requires you stay a bit longer before exiting, you may request for additional time depending on your circumstance. Even if you are currently unemployed, other factors may come in here example, accommodation, transport and other family related issues.
  2. SECTION B – PERSONAL INFORMATION. ( You are advised to ignore this section if there is an attached CV with all the information). This section includes 12 subsection:
    • Surname ( Must be the same name as it appears on your ID)
    • First Names (Must be the same First Name(s) as it/they appear on the national ID)
    • Date of Birth ( Date of Birth must also be the same as those n your official documents)
    • Race  ( Choose among the options : African, White, Coloured, Indian)
    • Gender ( Female / Male)
    • Citizenship / Nationality ( Choose Yes if you’re South African, otherwise choose No and Enter your Nationality)
    • Disability ( Select Yes for any disability or No for no disability)
    • Work Permit ( Select Yes or No if you have a Valid Work Permit)
    • Criminal Record ( If you have ever be convicted of any crime or dismissed from employment select Yes or No)
    • Work Registration if applicable.
  • SECTION C – Contact Details: Thus if there is any need to communicate with you, what means can they reach you. This section has four subsection namely:
    • Preferred language: Enter the language you wish to be communicated to you. Eg: English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isiXhosa etc.
    • Telephone number during office hours: Enter your cell phone number(s) here
    • Preferred method of correspondence: Post. Email or Fax ( Choose the means by which they can easily reach you if there is the need to send you any information. You can choose Post and or Email
    • Correspondence Contact details in terms of the above. If you chose the Post and Email as above, then provide the Postal Address and or the Email Address. For email address, make sure the email account is functional and regularly check for new messages.
  • SECTION D: LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: The applicant is to enter the languages he/she is proficient in by rating it as “good” , “fair”  and “poor” in the categories of “Speak” , “Read” or “Write“. You can choose up to six (6) languages.
  • SECTION E: QUALIFICATIONS. ( If you attach a CV with all the academic qualifications, then ignore this section). Enter the Name of the School , the Qualification Obtained and the Year the Qualification was obtained. You must have the documents ready or at hand for easy access. For the current study part, if you are currently offering a course or a program, you state the details there.
  • SECTION F : WORK EXPERIENCE: ( You are to ignore this part if the information is already in the attached CV). You are to enter your working experience acquired over the years, stating the employer or even your current employer, Position/Post held, Time duration (month and year) and the finally the reason the reason for leaving the previous employer. You must also indicate, if you have ever worked in the public service already and that there is a condition that prevents you from re-appointment. if there is, then provide the details of the previous public department.
  • SECTION G: REFERENCES (Ignore this if already provided in the CV). References are persons who knows you and can vouch for your integrity or confirm your identity. It could be your Head Pastor, Former Employer, Head of Institution Attended etc. You are to state their Full Names, Relationship between the two of you, and the telephone or cell phone numbers and the office hours.
  • The last part is the declaration which is to attest to the fact that all the information provided above or attached are correct and accurate and agree to the fact that false information could lead to disqualification of the applications even if later found out.  Enter your official signature and Date.

z83 forms pg 2

You can apply as many advertised vacancies as possible but with different z83  forms.To avoid mistakes, you can first print a dummy copy and fill it with pencil and when satisfied with the information, transfer it to the original forms.

If you face any challenge or some form of general inquiries, please the comment for below. You will be responded with 48 hours and have issues resolved or be redirected to the appropriate quarters.


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