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rtmc online bookings natis

RTMC Online Bookings Applications -Natis

RTMC Online Bookings Applications

Ever since the RTMC introduced the rtmc online bookings to drivers to book for their licence and renewal of licence, it has faced major challenges and still  other good news have emerged.

Below you will find all the direct links to book you renewal of licence online using natis including Driving licence test, Learner Licence Test, Driving Licence Card Renewal, or PRDP Applications Online.

  • Learners Licence Test : This portal is used to apply and book for Learners License test.
  • Driving Licence Test : This one too is used to book driving licence test. You will be given date and time to come for the test provided the approved fees are paid.
  • Drivers Licence Card Renewal: Use this link to book for the driving Licence card renewal. Note that, the card may take some time, to make ready therefore, you have to book it weeks before the expiry of the driving licence card.
  • PRDP Applications : use this link to apply for PRDP applications.

The Online bookings was introduce by the Department of Transport and the Road Traffic Management Corporation to modernise the services that are being offered at the various Drivers Licence Testing centres (DLTC) and also make it easy for motorist to book their renewals.


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