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NMU Student Mail – Complete Guide

As part of the measures to raise the standards of the modern tertiary education system, the authorities of the Nelson Mandela University has introduced a sophisticated NMU student mail system.

The email system is to help prospective students and even old students to easily have access to information.  The student will now be assigned a unique email that will help them log into the student portal.

How To Set Up Student Mail on Android Device


You can easily set up the student mail on any android device. Depending on the android version and the device you are currently using, the interface might be a bit different but the settings and the procedure are the same.

  • Locate the Settings of the Android device. It can be found that by clicking on Apps if not found on the home screen.
  • Go to Accounts and click on Add account button.
  • Move to “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” or simply “Exchange” depending on the android version you are using.
  • Enter your email address which is  in the form s12345678@nmmu.ac.za, where s123456789 is the student number and enter the password (the one student has been using to enter into the portal)
  • After entering the email address and the password, click on the “Manual Setup” tab.
  • You will be presented with “Exchange Server Settings“, just make sure that the username text field is filled with your email address just as entered in the previous step. The password too will be the same.
  • At “Exchange Server”, enter the server name: outlook.office365.com and tick/check “Use Secure Connection(SSL)” if not done already. After that click “Next“.
  • “Activation” prompt will appear asking that you activate your account. Just click on the OK button to continue.
  • The system will go through verification to ascertain if the details entered are correct.
  • If all the details entered are correct, the server will then ask for final confirmation and select “OK” to finalize the setup.
  • In the Account Options, you have the choice when your phone to sync your email for new messages and even notify you for new emails.
  • Now you through with setup on Android device. Always try and make sure that your internet reception is very good to avoid breaks when your android device is trying to communicate with the Exchange servers.

In the next tutorial, we will look at how to set up nmu student email on Ipad or iPhone

How To Setup NMU Student Email on iOs (iPad/iPhone) Platform


In this guide, you will be taken through the basic method you can use to setup your mail account on the iPad or the iPhone.  It must, however, be noted that your interface may be different because of the version of iOS you currently have on your device and some personal customization.

  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Click on the “Mail, Contact, Calendars” tab
  • Under Accounts, click on “Add Account”.
  • A list of major Email service providers will appear and choose “Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your email just as in the form s123456@nmmu.ac.za and enter the password (the password is the same as the password being used on nmmu computers.
  • If there is any request for exchange server, input outlook.office365.com
  • In the “Description” text field, enter anything that will easily remind you of the type of email you set up. You can use nmu to differentiate it from other email setups already there and click on “Next”.
  • The “Exchange” dialogue that appears, a list of all the items that will be synchronised will show, you choose which of the parameters example: “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendars” and ” Reminders” that will need. If you need a particular item, you switch it off and “Save
  • You now have completed your mail setup on your iPhone or iPad.

In the next procedure, you will be shown how to set up your account on your PC or laptop if you don’t have access to any android or iPad or iPhone.

How to Setup  Mail on Outlook on a PC


  • You must have installed Microsoft Outlook on your PC/Laptop. It usually comes with the installation of Microsoft Office.
  • Add New account the outlook platform
  • Enter all the required fields
    • Your Name (Official Name)
    • Email Address ( the same as the email address with school number eg. s123556@nmmu.ac.za
    • Password ( Is the same as the password you use on nmmu computers) and confirm your password.
  • Click on “Next“. Outlook will automatically configure all the settings and prompts you to confirm the account details provided.
  • Once the email address and the password are correct, the configuration of the account is successful and you will receive a message indicating successful completion of the process. You can then click on “Finish

if you have any difficulties in any of the procedures suggested above you can contact the ICT Department of the institution for assistance.

ICT Services Helpdesk
Tel: 041-5043000

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