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NMU Student Portal

The Nelson Mandela University, NMU Student Portal

The NMU Student portal is an all in one mega platform where students of the university can access so much range of services. The University authorities saw the need to create this platform to make it easier for prospective students make good use of their devices and other internet services to make certain information more handy.

The Nelson Mandela University is one of the prestigious universities in the South Africa and can boast of so much achievement in the academic world.

Former students and currents students can still access the services of this portal. The portal offers services not limited to only student information, but also, course creation, fees payment, view transcript, view admission list, check examination results, view academic calendar etc.


How To Access the portal / Registration

nmu student portal username passwor

Below you have all the steps you can easily follow to set up and access the student portal at your own convinience.

  • Visit https://students.mandela.ac.za on yoour device internet browser.
  • Enter the username which is of the form mandela\s123456789, where s123456789 is the student number you were given.
  • Enter Password. Here, the network password is either set by yourself or was given to you by the institution. You have to note that, the password expires after 60 days for which you have to renew it.
  • You can now login into your student portal and have the ability to access all the modules available on the platform.
  • You can acess the Sharepoint Sites off-campus on the platform. Simply log into the student portal and click on My Module tab and select your preferred module.

How To Access the eduroam/NMU WIFI

  • Enter your username as in the format s123456789@mandela.ac.za ( where s123456789 is the student number
  • Enter the Password. This might have been created by yourself or given to you.
  • If you are facing any challenge connecting or accessing the wifi, please visit here for assistance.Only follow the clear instruction laid out and you will be sorted.

Student are advised to make judicious use of this platform and always keep your account details private. If your facing any challenge accessing any of things discussed above or any other issues, you can contact the university by any of the following channels and get assisted.

NMU Official Social Media Handles

NMU Official Facebook Page: Facebook

NMU Official Twitter Account: Twitter

NMU Official Instagram Page : Instagram

NMU Postal Address and Telephone Numbers

Postal Address:

PO Box 77000
Nelson Mandela University
Port Elizabeth

Tel: 041-504 1111


International : international@mandela.ac.za

Local: info@mandela.ac.za


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